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    Name:   Andrew Hammett

    Email:  AndrewHammett@anderson5.net

    Classes/Courses: Psychology/Sociology, Law Education

    My name is Andrew Hammett and I am beyond exctied to be a apart of the TL Hanna family and to get to work with you this year. I am a graduate of Anderson University where I received a BA in Secondary Social Studies Education. Being a graduate of TL Hanna it is very special that I get to spend my first year as a teacher here where I once sat as a student. I hope you are ready for a great school year. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me.

    Our class will be using Google Classroom for all major class announcements and information.

    Please ask your child to show you Your Name Here Google Classroom.

    Class Schedule

     (my room is on the 200 hall so I will have 2nd lunch)

    Time/Class Period/Block


    1st Block (8:20-9:50) Psychology/Sociology
    2nd Block (10:17-11:53) Psychology/Sociology
    3rd Block (12:00-12:45, 1:15-2:00) Planning
    4th Block (2:07-3:40) Law Education