Mrs. Fran Murray

    Name:   Mrs. Fran Murray


    Email:  franceskamurray@anderson5.net


    Classes/Courses: Algebra 2 Honors, Algebra 2 CP, PreCalculus CP


    Credentials: 25 years teaching middle/high school mathematics

    B.S. in Accounting - Arizona State University

    PostBac Degree in Business Education - Arizona State University

    M. Ed. in Educational Leadership - Northern Arizona State University

    Endorsements: ESL and Gifted & Talented

    Teacher of the Year: 2000 and 2005


    Class Schedule for 2020-2021



    Semester 1

    Semester 2

    1st Block

    Algebra 2 CP Algebra 2 CP

    2nd Block

    Algebra 2 CP PreCalc CP

    3rd Block

    Plan Plan

    4th Block

    Algebra 2 Hon PreCalculus CP


    **Weekly agendas can be found on the main page of each class web site in the Google Calendar. Just "click" on the day's assignment and the daily agenda will pop up. 


    Daily agendas, class files, homework assignments, and all other important information relating to my class can be found at this link:

    Algebra 2 CP

    Algebra 2 Honors

    PreCalculus CP