• Me when someone asks to get Chipotle

    Hey there!

    My name is Austin Garrett and I am super exctied to be a apart of the TL Hanna family and to get to work with you this year. I recently just graduated from Anderson University where I received a BA in Secondary Social Studies Education.I am also a graduate of T.L. Hanna High School and played Football during my time here as a student. I am on the football coaching staff working with the 9th grade defensive line. I love all things America, Chipotle, The Office, and the movie Hot Rod.

    Looking forward to this school year!



    B.A. Social Studies Secondary Education- Anderson University 2018


    Email and Google Classroom:


    Gov/Econ Honors: Click Here

    Law Ed 1st Block: Click Here

    Law Ed 3rd Block: Click Here


    Remind Codes:

    1st Block Law Ed: lawed1s

    2nd Block Gov/Econ: a7cdfk

    3rd Block Law Ed: lawed3



    Fall Semester

    1st (8:25am-9:50am): Law Ed

    2nd (10:17am-11:53am): Gov/Econ Honors

    3rd pt.1 (12:00pm-12:45pm): Law Ed

    LUNCH: 12:45pm-1:10pm

    3rd pt. 2 (1:15pm-2:00pm): Law Ed

    4th: Planning


    Spring Semester

    1st (8:25am-9:50am): US History CP

    2nd (10:17am-11:53am): Gov/Econ CP

    3rd pt.1 (12:00pm-12:45pm): Gov/Econ CP

    LUNCH: 12:45pm-1:10pm

    3rd pt. 2 (1:15pm-2:00pm): Gov/Econ CP

    4th: Planning



    Law Ed Syllabus

    Gov/Econ Syllabus