Name:   Madi Nally

    Email:  madisonnally@anderson5.net

    Classes/Courses: Fourth Grade


    Our class will be using Google Classroom for all major class announcements and information.

    Please ask your child to show you Mrs. Nally's Google Classroom. You can also see any activities, assignments, or games that are available for extra practice.


    Time/Class Period/Block


     7:50-8:00 Morning Meeting
     8:00-9:30 Math Workshop
     9:30-11:00 Reading Workshop
     11:00-11:20 Recess
    11:25-12:10 Related Arts
    12:15-12:35 Lunch
    12:40-1:40 Science/Social Studies
    1:40-2:20 Writing
    2:20-2:30 Clean up/Pack up

    Related Arts Schedule:

    Monday Library/Guidance
    Tuesday Music
    Wednesday PE
    Thursday Art
    Friday 1st 9 Weeks: Library/Guidance
      2nd 9 Weeks: Music
      3rd 9 Weeks: PE
      4th 9 Weeks: Art