• Name:   Ms. Armstrong

    Email:  clairearmstrong@anderson5.net

    Classes/Courses: Government/Economics, Sociology/Psychology



    Credentials: BA in Political Science from Clemson University



    Class Schedule 

    for fall 2018-2019

    Semester 1

    Semester 2

    1st Block

    Gov/Econ Gov/Econ

    2nd Block

    Soc/Pysch Planning

    3rd Block

    Planning Gov/Econ Honors

    4th Block

    Gov/Econ Gov/Econ



    Daily agendas, class files, homework assignments, and all other important information relating to my class can be found at this link:

    2018-2019 Gov/Econ Planbook

    2018-2019 Soc/Psych Planbook