• Business and Industry Relations

    How to Partner with AIT

    How to become a partner with AIT

    Currently, AIT has over 126 active business partners located throughout Anderson County. If you are interested in partnering with AIT, please consider the partnering opportunities below:

    • Participating in our work base learning and Internship programs
    • Offering on-site job shadowing experiences
    • Serving on a program advisory committee
    • Speaking to a group of students
    • Sponsoring a student scholarship for higher education
    • Donating equipment or supplies
    • Being a vocal advocate and supporter for Career and Technology Education within our community


    Advisory Committees

    Every program at AIT has an advisory committee that consists of individuals from local business and industry.  These committees exist to provide assistance for the improvement of career and technology education programs and assist students to graduate college and career ready.  Members provide advice and feedback in the areas of:

    • current labor needs
    • relevance of programs
    • job opportunities for students and graduates
    • placement and school-to-career activities
    • the relationship between job needs and employability skills

    The advisory committees meet once in the fall semester and again in the spring semester.

    Please contact Dana Grant, Assistant Executive Director of Business and Community Partnerships- 864-222-4120.



    AIT welcomes donations of equipment or supplies that further enhance our programs.  Donations will be accepted based on a review of program needs at the time of the donation.  Once the donation has been received by AIT, a letter of acknowledgement will be sent to the business or individual.  This letter may be used for income tax purposes.


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