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    Chris Lollis


    6th Grade Math


    Welcome to 6th grade Math!

    If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at any time.  The fastest way to contact me is by email, christopherlollis@anderson5.net.  If you would like to schedule a parent conference, please call the front office and they will set it up.  


    Supplies needed for Math:

    • 2 - Spiral or Compostion Notebooks
    • 1inch (3 ring binder) with dividers
    • Colored Pencils
    • Glue Sticks
    • Notebook paper (to be maintained throughout the year)
    • Pencils (to be maintained throughout the year)


    Please click on tabs that say "Planbook" to the left to find Daily agendas, class files, homework assignments, and all other important information relating to my class (including tests & quizzes). Some class files can be found in your child's Google Classroom.


    Plans are subject to change depending on how students are doing so please check daily at end of school day!!! 


    Please text @cl211 to 81010  or go to the remind website at www.remind.com and type code cl211 to join.  PLEASE send me a message to let me know who your child is. 




     Any work not turned in on time will results in a 10 point reduction.  This includes incomplete assignments.  


    There is NO EXTRA CREDIT given!


    To access your child's textbook, your child needs to log into their student portal. (Go to Robert Anderson webpage, click on ClassLink (unless it automatically came up), then find app called "PowerSchool (student)" and click on it.  Your child knows their username and password.)  Once they log into student portal, they go down until they see "Pearson Courses" on left side and click on it. 


    Once they open it, they will click on classes to show work I have assigned.  


     **Your child must make a 80 or above on their Realize lessons.  If they have a 0 and a missing symbol, they need to complete lesson and then show me.  --- These lessons are practice problems!  There is no reason why they should make less than 100 because they can redo the problems.**


     IXL is a comprehensive math program.  I assign your child lessons for math practice.  Your child has a certain time to have them completed.  IXL is designed for practice and retention so if your child missing a question, it will show them how to work the problem and their score will go down.  Your child has to get the problems correct for their score to go up.  Remember this is practice and it will help them with mastery of the skill!  When IXL lessons are due, I put the grade that they have in my gradebook (must be 80 or above).  Students are encourage to continue to work on them for a better grade & it also helps them to master the skill.


    **Your child must make at least an 80 to get credit for the lesson (unless I have told them to get a different grade).  If they have not completed a lesson with an 80 or above, I will put a 0 and missing symbol and they need to complete and show me when they have completed and I will change their grade.**




    Students are expected to look back over notes taken in class each night (includes Core Bites, and daily notes).  They are also expected to finish any assignment that they did not finish in class (IXL, Realize).  To find out what your child has for homework each night, please see my planbook.


    Do you want to see your child's grades in all their classes?  Do you have parent portal?  If not, please stop by guidance and they will give you a username and password so you can see all of your child's grades.


    Your child also has access to student portal where they can see all of their grades.  They use this all the time!!! Please ask them to show you their student portal.  Once you are in student portal, click on grade for that quarter and it will show you all assignments in that class.


    How I Calculate Your Child's Grade 

    60% major grades (test, projects, etc)

    40% minor grades (quizzes, daily grades)


    Daily Schedule


    7:55- 8:10 Homeroom/Breakfast/Bathroom

    8:10 - 9:42 1st Block (Math 6)

    9:42 - 9:48 Pledge/Announcements

    9:53 - 11:25 2nd Block (Math 6)

    **11:30 - 12:00** Lunch

    12:05 - 1:42 3rd Block (Math 6)

    1:47 - 3:20 Related Arts (Planning)

    3:25 Dismissal