Hannah Wilson




     Creative Writing, English 3 Honors, English 2 CP



     B.A. in Secondary English Education from Anderson University 


    Class Schedule for 2019-2020



    Semester 1

    Semester 2

    1st Block

     Planning Creative Writing

    2nd Block

    English 3 Honors Planning

    3rd Block

    Creative Writing English 2 CP

    4th Block

    English 3 Honors English 2 CP


    Unit Agendas and Homework Calendar can be found here:

    English 3 Honors: 

    English 3 Honors Weekly Agendas

    Creative Writing:

    Creative Writing Weekly Agendas



    2 inch binder with notebook paper

    Pencils/pens (blue or black ink for assignments)

    Post-It Notes

    Fully charged Chromebook



    Creative Writing Syllabus


    English 3 Honors Syllabus


    Required Honors Reading Abstracts