• Ms. Brown                   

    Ms. Megan E. Brown

    Email: meganebrown@anderson5.net

    School extension: 864-260-5230 EXT. 80115

    Courses: Algebra 1 CP, English 1, and Transitions to Algebra

    Credentials: Bachelor of Science in Special Education Multi-Categorical and Elementary Education, Masters of Science in Curriculum and Instruction

    Planbook: https://www.planbookedu.com/s/1SKVT/4VHWWQtmsN

    Class Schedule:

    First Semester 
    1st Block Transitions to Algebra (Madison)
    2nd Block Algebra 1 CP (Loudermilk)
    3rd Block  Planning
    4th Block English 1 CP (Davenport)


    Second Semester 
    1st Block Planning
    2nd Block English 1 CP (Bechtel)
    3rd Block  Transitions to Algebra (McGill)
    4th Block Algebra 1 CP (Payne)