Ms. Smith-Blosser

    Name: Alexa Smith-Blosser


    Email:  alexablosser@anderson5.net


    Classes/Courses: 8th grade Math

    Algebra 1 CP  




    BS in Elementary Ed - Bob Jones University

    MA in Elementary Ed- Lander University

    30+ hrs in Educational Leadership- Clemson University

    Elementary Certification

    Middle Level Mathematics Certification

    Middle Level Science Certification

    Gifted & Talented Certification

    AVID Summer Institute participant

    AVID Site Team member


    About me:

    Welcome Glenview students and parents! This is going to be a phenomenal year! I am thrilled that we have the opportunity to attend school and continue our journey of becoming life-long learners! I am beyond thankful to be a member of the Anderson District 5 family, where the safety and well-being of students, parents, faculty and staff is the primary focus of our leaders and administration. We are so blessed!! 


    This is my 29th year of teaching. Throughout my career, it has been and always will be about my students. I am a dedicated professional who supports, invests and believes in each student I teach and have ever taught. I am humbled and thankful to have been given the opportunity to make a small impact on the lives of young adults, and I treasure each and every one of them.


    "Thank You" parents, for sharing your child with me, and "Thank You" my AWESOME students for coming into my class each day with a positive attitude and a beautiful smile!   YOU are why I teach!!!  Love you bunches!!


    Many blessings to all!!

    Alexa Smith-Blosser - "Ms. B"'