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    I am incredibly excited to be moving to the 8th grade with this group of awesome kids! This is my 3rd year at RAMS and 6th in District 5. I LOVE being at RAMS and am positive this is going to be an amazing year! 

     I am more than happy to schedule phone calls or conferences during our planning period. If you would like to set something up please call or email and I will respond as promptly as possible! I do ask that you allow 24 hours for me to respond simply because days with these awesome kids can be crazy, making it difficult to frequently check my email some days.  I will always return any messages as quickly as possible!


    Homeroom:  7:55-8:10
    1st Block:  8:10-9:42
    Related Arts/Planning:  9:53-12:05
    3rd Block:  12:10-1:42
     Lunch: 12:21 - 12:51 
    4th Block:  1:47-3:20
    Announcements & Dismissal:  3:20-3:25