Name:  Haley Stollar


    Email:  Haleystollar@anderson5.net

    Phone : 864-260-5110/EXT: 85110



     Eployability EducationSyllabus

    Math 1 & B Syllabus

    Math 2 & B Syllabus



    Class Schedule for 2019-2020



    Semester 1

    Semester 2

    1st Block

    Employability Education and Practicum  Employability Education and Practicum

    2nd Block

    Math One and B TBD

    3rd Block

    Math Two and B TBD

    4th Block

    Planning/ IEP Meetings Planning/ IEP Meetings


    Weekly Assignments

    Employability Education and Practicum

    Math 2nd Block

    Math 3rd Block