• An eLearning Day is very similar to a normal school day. The eLearning Day will be announced in the School Closings on local news, the School Messenger calls, and the district website. Students will find their assignments loaded electronically into Google Classroom. Google Classroom is our learning management system that all teachers use within their classroom to provide lessons, resources, and support from the teacher. Each student will complete the material for each of their classes on their schedule and submit their work for the assignment through Google Classroom. Student work is due by the end of the class period or the beginning of the class the next day. Students could be assigned work on a project that is due at a later date. Teachers will communicate with their students the due date and time of the assignment.  Any issues with completing work will be handled with the classroom teacher on a case by case basis.

    Teachers will meet with their students at the beginning of each class/period via Google Meet for 20-40 minutes. Students must login at the designated time in the Google Meet to be counted as present. Teachers can communicate with students/parents via Google Classroom, Email, or SchoolMessenger to answer questions or provide help.