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Phone: 864-222-4120 ext 83113


Degrees and Certifications:

FF1,FF2, Fire Instructor 1 and 2, Fire Officer 1,2,3. Fire and Life safety educator, Fire and explosive investigator, Emergency Medical responder instructor. CPR Instructor.

Mr. Michael Benoir

I am married to my wife Janet, since 1999. We like to travel when I have time off and particularly we love to go on cruises. We also enjoy time in the mountains as well as trips to the beach. We both live and work here in Anderson SC.  Janet has lived here all of her life and graduated from Westside. Janet is the assistant manager of the Anmed Credit Union. She has always been by my side and supported my passion for the fire service.

I started my career in the fire service in 1976 in Putnam, Ct. as a volunteer JR firefighter. Throughout my early years, I developed my passion for the fire service and soon realized, my passion was to educate firefighters. I started teaching in 1990 in my local department in Connecticut. I received my certification as Instructor 1 in 1992 through the CT Fire Academy and was Pro Board certified. I moved to the state of South Carolina in 1995. I joined a local department and challenged my 1121, and passed to be able to fight fire in South Carolina.  In 2004, I was granted reciprocity, from IFSAC from my Pro Board certifications. I started teaching for Anderson County in 2004.  In 2014, I became the Anderson County Training Coordinator, and was in that position for 5 years.  AIT opened and I came to work here to teach the Emergency Fire Management program.  I am also an adjunct instructor for the South Carolina Fire Academy.  I teach a lot of classes for the fire academy in the upstate area. I teach classes ranging from basic firefighter all the way through to officer and chief classes for the academy.

  • In this class I strive to give my students the best possible fire and emergency service training in the state of South Carolina.  Through the class students earn 11 certifications, and are career ready when they leave this class.  They are taught the skills of firefighter 1, Firefighter 2, Incident command classes, Hazardous materials, auto extrication, CPR and Emergency Responder.  In my class the motto is:  A good firefighter knows how and an Educated firefighter knows why.  I want my students to shine in the fire service when they leave here and we accomplish that by the "real world training" I give my students.  We do intensive hands on skills for both fire and medical. My students tell me that they leave here tired after class but are ready to go again the next class.  We also like our students, if able, to volunteer at a local department, to help reinforce the training they receive in class.  Some of my Completing students had little or no connection with a fire department coming into class, by the end of class they show a passion for the fire service and are committed to either volunteer or career departments.  We always need good people in the fire service and this is a great oppertunity to get their full training while still in high school. We strive to bring out the characteristics of PRIDE, COURAGE, INTEGRITY, and BROTHERHOOD from our students.

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