• The Anderson School District Five Educational Foundation was created in the year 2000 with the approval of the District Board of Trustees. The Foundation is a 501(c) (3) organization and can accept tax-deductible charitable donations. The Foundation is governed by an eight-member Board of Directors, all serving on a volunteer basis. They are joined by the Anderson School District Five's Teacher of the Year as well as three ex-officio members who are employees of Anderson Five.

    Programs for which the Foundation has accepted tax-deductible grants and donations include:

    District Five Homeless Program – This program provides for homeless students using funding from both the federal McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act and from private donations. The Foundation handles the private, corporate, and foundational funds received from Wal-Mart, The Abney Foundation, Allstate, churches, fundraising events, and other private donations. Money from private donations is used for homeless and needy students and their families when McKinney funds cannot be used due to guidelines tied to the federal grant monies. Some of the ways this money has been used include city bus passes, clothes for non-school-age or non-District homeless children, and food. Last year, the district aided a total of 201 students through this program.

    Bosch – Anderson Institute of Technology – This program supports the Anderson Institute of Technology for additional equipment in the incubator labs that students use to learn the machinery they might encounter as future employees of Bosch. 

    First Quality Vex Robotics – This program supports the costs associated with robotics kids learning.

    Teacher Grants – This program awards teachers with funds to use for the purchase of supplies and other supplementary materials to enhance instruction. Teachers must apply with a project in mind that supports standards of learning set forth by the South Carolina Department of Education.

    Bosch Community Fund Teacher Grants – This program awards teachers with funds to use for STEM projects in their classrooms. STEM projects are Science, Technology, Engineering and Math based.

    Overcoming Adversity Scholarship – This program helps students achieve their goal of higher education through attendance, intervention, and recovery. The program awards a scholarship to a senior that has participated in this program. Other reward incentives are provided to eligible students in the program.

    Bosch Learning Lab – This program supports students in the learning lab.

    Needy Students Fund – This program helps students and families within the district who are experiencing financial burdens.

    Other Programs – Michelin and Arthrex donations to Anderson Institute of Technology, Anderson County Donation for Flags for ROTC, No Kids Hungry initiative and various scholarships for high school seniors.

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