• Mr. Lemere


    Shannon Lemere



    (864) 260-5110 (ext. 85106)


    English 3, Creative Writing, English 4



    WEEKLY PLANS can be found in the Class Links tab.


    Our class will be using Google Classroom for all major class announcements and information.

    Please ask your child to show you Mr. Lemere's Google Classroom. 


    Class Schedule

    Fall 2022

    Class Period/Block


    1st Block Creative Writing
    2nd Block Planning
    3rd Block English 3
    Lunch Lunch
    4th Block English 3


    Spring 2023

    Class Period/Block


    1st Block English 4
    2nd Block English 3
    3rd Block Planning
    Lunch Lunch
    4th Block English 3


  • I'm Mr. Lemere, I teach English 3, English 4, and Creative Writing. I graduated from Clemson University in 2012. This is my 10th year teaching. I enjoy reading Fantasy and Science Fiction, going to Clemson games, and watching/critiquing film. I spend most of my free time playing with my son, Cohen. I also enjoy writing and playing Dungeons and Dragons. I hope to impart some wisdom about life and literature to you this semester! 



    My goal by the end of the semester is to impart to you several literary gifts. The best gifts I can give you as a teacher of literature are: the ability to experience literature as an art, to feel the emotional impact of language, and to give you the tools to think more critically and have an intelligent discourse with the medium; whether it be books, music, or film, all of these are different mediums of literature whether they be prose or poetry, whether it be creation or analysis/appreciation. I hope to also give you the gift of literary curiosity and wonder, so that you want to dig into literature on your own. I will get really animated and passionate about several books this semester and I hope it sparks a fire inside you.