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    Kim Thompson
    6th Grade ELA Teacher
    Welcome to Mrs. Thompson's 6th grade ELA website.  
     BS Lander University     
    M.Ed. Clemson University
    Gifted and Talented Endorsed
    Elementary and Middle-Level ELA Certified
     Materials for Mrs. Thompson’s 6th Grade ELA Classes
    • 1 pack (at least) of notebook paper per nine weeks.  It doesn’t matter if it is regular or college ruled.  
    • Pencils
    • Sticky Notes for GT- smaller size works better.  We use these to take notes in a story since students can’t write in their books.  We do use a lot of these throughout the year.  

    *Other materials may be needed for projects throughout the year.  Students will be notified in advance when things are needed. I have crayons and scissors students may borrow.  


    There are several ways you can get information about what your child is doing in my classroom.  One is to follow the link below to my lesson plans. Another is through weekly e-blasts that I send.  Specific information about assignments can be found in Google Classroom; you can access this by asking your child.  

    Please contact me if you have any questions or if I can help you with ELA during the school year.  My planning
    time is 1:47`-3:15 each day except Tuesdays.  You may also contact me by email at kimthompson@anderson5.net.  
    If you call the school or email me, please give me 24 hours to respond.  I try to respond to all
    emails before I leave each day.  If you email me after school I will most likely not get it until the next
    morning.  I also do not check email over the holidays.
    Thank you for understanding, 
    Kim Thompson 
     6th Grade Schedule






    Bus Room in 6th-grade hallway




    1st Period


    Block 1 Core

    2nd Period

    3rd Period


    Block 2 Core

    4th Period



    With 4th Period Teacher

    5th Period


    Block 3 Core

    6th Period

    7th Period


    Related Arts

    8th Period


    Related Arts



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