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    Welcome to New Prospect
            Elementary School!
                  Title One School   
        We are the ...High Flying Jets!!
     There are MINIONS of reasons why
          drugs are DESPICABLE!

    We show our school spirit and solidarity in fun ways each day during Red Ribbon Week!

    MONDAY: I can SEE that drugs are bad for me.

    Wear goggles, glasses, or sunglasses.

    TUESDAY: Don’t let drugs make you MAD; get wacky about being drug-free!

    Dress in wacky or tacky clothes OR as a mad scientist.

    WEDNESDAY: Drugs stink; don’t let them TWIST you up. 

    Wear fun socks or a scarf.

    THURSDAY: VILLAINS can’t steal my future from me; I vow to stay drug-free!

    Dress as a police officer, a security guard, or a superhero (or shirt with a superhero pictured). 

    FRIDAY: You are one in a MINION; do things you love instead of doing drugs. 

    Dress as a Minion (examples: yellow shirt, blue jeans or overalls, yellow hat) OR dress to represent your favorite hobby (examples: athlete, musician, artist).  
          One School, One Book
                   Click here for reading calendar

    REMINDER: If you would like for your child to

                         get a flu shot at school:

    1.  Go to

         and enter 10405051 as your validation


    2.  Complete the online consent and submit

         to DHEC.

    3.  Deadline to register is October 22, 2017

    4.  Shots will be given on November 2, 2017

                      Flu Letter 2017

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