• How to Enroll in and use our Password Reset System

    Please consult the instructions below for information on how to enroll in our reset system and also for instructions on resettingyour password should it be forgotten. 



    1.You will receive a message about enrollment on your task bar much like the one below:
     Password Reset
    1a. If you miss the message you can either click the icon on the taskbar or use the Enrollment link under Start>Programs>Specops Software>Specops Password Reset.
    1b.  If you need to Enroll in the Password Reset System, and you are not on the school network, please go to this link:  https://reset.anderson5.net/SpecopsPassword/Enrollment/Enroll.aspx
    2. Once you click on this message you will be forwarded to the enrollment webpage. You may, depending on your computers security settings, be presented with an error about the sites security. This error will be similar to the one in the image below:
    It is safe to click CONTINUE if this message is displayed.
    Password Reset
    3. You may also be prompted to login. Please enter your username in the following format (acsd5.local\username) as depicted below:
    Password Reset
    4. Once logged in you will be asked to confirm your current password, this is to verify you for security reasons.
     Password Reset
    5. Once your current password is accepted you will be asked a series of security questions. The first two are required with the third being selectable by you.
    Password Reset
    Once these are entered you will have a chance to review your answers before clicking Finish.
    Congratulations! You have now enrolled in the Password Reset system. In the event that you forget your password, it expires or you simply want to change your password you have the ability to use this system to resolve your issue!

    Resetting your password:

    You have a few options should you need to reset your password.
    1. From the login screen of Windows XP or Windows 7 by clicking (Reset Password)
    Password Reset  Password Reset
    2. By visiting the following webpage from another computer or mobile device: https://reset.anderson5.net/SpecopsPassword/reset/Reset.aspx?
    3. In either case you will be asked to login, provide the answers to your selected security questions and then select a new password that meets the required complexity requirements. An example of this can be seen here:
    Password Reset
    Once all password requirements are met you will be allowed to reset your password and you will receive a confirmation email for your records.
    *The images included in these instructions are for rough representation and are not meant to be easily readable.
    *All unauthorized attempts to use this sytem are logged.
    8/22/18 BRW