• As an Anderson School District Five Employee, your contact information should be kept current with Offices of Human Resources, Payroll, and Benefits at all times.  If you hold a SC Teacher Certificate, you also need to keep your contact information current with the SC State Department of Education.
    In an effort to assist you, please see the information below regarding steps you can take to ensure your name and address are current.
     If you are changing your name only, OR name and address, log into Employee Self Service
    • You will need to upload a copy of your new SIGNED social security card.  The link to attach the document is in the bottom left corner of the ESS Demographics change page.

    For instructions on changing your name and/or address on your retirement and insurance accounts, click here.

     If you have any questions, please call or email:

    • Donna Vollrath Human Resources Office (864) 260-5000, ext. 10186
    • Lisa Applewhite Human Resources Office (864) 260-5000, ext. 10138 (Teacher certificate changes)
    • Tina Slatton Payroll Department (864) 260-5000, ext. 20153
    • Paula Hodge Benefits Office (864) 260-5000, ext. 10145