•  Dr. Jerome Hudson
      Dr. Jerome Hudson

    Dr. Jerome Hudson is a native of Andrews, South Carolina. He received his undergraduate degree in Political Science from Benedict College and his master’s degree in Political Science from Kent State University. Dr. Hudson was awarded a Ph.D. in Educational Leadership from Clemson University. He began his teaching career as a fourth grade teacher at Rosemary Middle School in Andrews, SC.

    Dr. Hudson has taught Political Science and Educational Leadership at the Collegiate Level. Over a span of twenty years, he has served as principal of three schools. Dr. Hudson currently serves as Assistant Superintendent for Student Services in Anderson School District Five. The goal of the Student Services is to provide the best student and parent support in the state.

    Dr. Hudson and his wife Charlene have three children. Charlene is an English teacher at T.L. Hanna High School. Dylan (Jordan) is an English teacher in Berkley County. Wesley is a Political Science student at Clemson University. Jada is a ninth grade student at T.L. Hanna. Dr. Hudson and his family enjoy the movies and reading.