Welcome to 3rd grade and to my classroom!  We've jumped right in and learning so much!


    **This Friday, Sept. 13, is ICEE/Candy Day.  $1.00 will buy you an ICEE, M&Ms, or Skittles at lunch!


    Sept. 11, Wednesday - Greenville Zoo will be at Midway; cost $5.00/student


    Sept. 12, Thursday - SS test


    Sept. 13, Friday - Math unit test


    Sept. 20 - Fall Pictures


    Sept. 23 - Interim report cards issued






    Here's what we're learning about this week:

    Math - place value; comparing and ordering numbers; standard, expanded, and word form; test on Friday

    Reading - EPIC; books on poop (inquiry unit)

    Writing - adjectives, nouns, subjects and predicates

    SS - regions of SC; river systems; state capital; test on Thursday