Glenview Crest

    Name:   Dr. Kimberly Carabo

    Email:  kimberlycarabo@anderson5.net

    Classes/Courses 6th grade Social Studies- World Civilizations





    6th Grade Schedule 6th Grade JAG Schedule Every Wednesday
    Homeroom   7:40-8:10  Homeroom   7:40-8:10
    1st Period    8:10-8:55 1st Period    8:10-8:53
    2nd Period   8:55-9:43 2nd Period   8:53-9:36
    3rd Period   9:46-10:32 JAG             9:36-10:20
    4th Period   9:46-10:32 3rd Period    10:23-11:04
    Lunch       11:20-12:07  4th Period   11:04-11:46
    5th Period 12:10-12:55  Lunch          11:40-12:28 (a little overlap if you have 1st lunch)
    6th Period 12:55- 1:44  5th Period    12:32-1:14

    7th Period   1:47-3:19 Related Arts A/B

    8th Period

    6th Period      1:14-1:56

    Students Return to Homeroom for Announcements and Dismissal


     Related Arts  1:59-3:21

    Homeroom: Announcements/Dismissal 3:24-3:27


    Our class will be using Google Classroom and Remind for all class announcements and information.

    This year in 6th Grade Social Studies we will study all World Civilizations.  I am very excited to use multiple teaching strategies and activities to teach students historical concepts, themes, and people. 

     Again, I will use Remind every Friday to send out information about the upcoming week. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me.