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BREAKING NEWS from the Director

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Our country has gone through some very difficult challenges during the past few months which has impacted our state, our county, and our country in how we live our daily lives. While all aspects of our society have been impacted, there is probably no area that has had to adjust more than our schools. Students moved quickly to online learning creating a new normal for students, teachers and parents. The Anderson Institute of Technology students were challenged the most since the major part of their education is in lab settings learning various technical skills. Our students, parents, and teachers adjusted, and the students facing state and national exams have performed very well.

The Anderson Institute of Technology is scheduled to resume classes on September eighth following Governor McMaster’s guidelines for school starts. Students attending AIT will be attending face-to-face instruction, and will be following strict guidelines of student health and safety. Although there is no guarantee of a perfect plan, our faculty and staff will do everything possible within our power to ensure our students and your children are safe.

We will put into place safety requirements for students, faculty and staff that are based on the CDC guidelines. The following guidelines will be instituted at AIT for student’s safety as well as for faculty and staff.

  1. All students, faculty and staff will wear face coverings with random temp checks.
  2. No outside food will be permitted to be brought into AIT. (Snacks available at AIT)
  3. Water fountains will be active in the AIT facility.
  4. Students may bring their own bottled water.
  5. Students will be encouraged to sanitize hands after touching surfaces.
  6. Social distancing will be required.
  7. No physical touching such as shaking hands.
  8. Students’ entrance into and exit from the building will be guided.
  9. Teachers will wear facial masks and halo covering if preferred in labs.
  10. Keep social distance on school buses.
  11. A separate health room will be available for students who may become ill.
  12. Parent (s) will be informed immediately of any change in the health of their child.

We will continue to communicate with students and parents as we move through the next 6 weeks. As we are all aware, changes can occur based on new data regarding the spread of the virus. Please keep in mind our guidance comes through the local school districts and the Center for Disease Control (CDE).

Please stay safe and we cannot wait to see your children arriving back at AIT.


James R. Couch, Executive Director