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AIT Teacher and Staff Awards

Congratulations to the following Anderson Institute of Technology faculty and staff for your outstanding performance and commitment to students, education, co-workers, and community.


Fred Isbell, our welding instructor, is awarded Teacher Rookie of the Year by Dr. Couch. Mr. Isbell has been instrumental in bringing recognition to the AIT campus for having a top-notch welding program that gives students opportunities for certification and employment.


Roy Sanchez, our head custodian, is awarded Custodian of the Year by Dr, Couch, and he was also awarded Anderson School District 5 Custodian of the Year. His extraordinary efforts to lead his crew to maintain this beautiful building through the various challenges of a newly constructed building and countless visitors show his dedication to his work.


Dr. Kyle Locke, our aerospace engineering teacher, is awarded Teacher of the Year by Dr. Couch. He teaches and serves as Department Chair of Advanced Manufacturing which provides him opportunities to serve not only his students but also other teachers in his building as well as those in Anderson School Districts 3, 4 and 5. He has served Project Lead the Way as a Master Teacher for several years and now serves in that capacity for the Southern Regional Education Board.


Phyllis Argo, our bookkeeper, was awarded the Non-Instructional Support Staff of the Year. Mrs. Argo was a dedicated member of our team for many years; she is recently retired, and she will be missed.