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Southwood Academy of the Arts — Recruiting 19-20 Info



Southwood Academy of the Arts will begin their auditioning procees soon! SAA will audition 5th grade students in September and October to enter Southwood Academy of the Arts NEXT school year (2020-2021) as 6th graders. There will also be an open audtion in November for any students who might have missed the audition at their homeschool, or if they are coming in from another middle school for 7th/8th grade. 

8th grade students will be auditioned at their schools in September and October as well, and have an open audition in March for anyone who might have missed. The open audition is for all high school students grades 8-11.


All acceptance letters are mailed to students before the Christmas holidays.


For this info and more, head on over to the Southwood Recruitment Website


Feel free to contact Southwood by visiting them online at: or by phone: (864) 260-5205