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#LIVEUNITED Anderson School District Five's Annual United Way Campaign 


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LIVE UNITED — "It's a credo. A mission. A goal. A constant reminder that when we reach out a hand to one, we influence the condition of all. We build the strength of our neighborhoods. We bolster the health of our communities. And we change the lives of those who walk by us every day." - United Way of Anderson County 


The United Way of Anderson County (UWAC) has been and continues to be an integral part of Anderson School District Five. Most notably, UWAC actively serves Anderson Five through it's Weekend SnackPack program - providing approximately 425 snackpacks across 13 of our schools every Friday to students who otherwise may not receive another meal until returning to school with us on Monday morning.

Reflecting on Anderson Five's tradition of generosity it is evident that we, as a school district, truly "Live United." Anderson Five is excited to have officially kicked off another campaign year with a Superintendent who truly leads by example, serving this year as the United Way of Anderson County's Board Chair and Chief Volunteer Officer. We are eager and expectant for another opportunity to again give back to this organization whose programs truly do so much for the very students in this school district with UW campaigns actively running at both the school AND district levels. We invite and encourage our A5 family and community to join us in our district-wide efforts through also being involved and supporting these campaigns.

While campaigns are being district-wide, the impact of each individual campaign comes to fruition when we unite our efforts. It is with that mindset that one school in particular (Nevitt Forest Elementary) has created and designed a T-shirt that represents and symbolizes the partnership and support system shared between Anderson Five and the United Way of Anderson County. Please CLICK HERE to be redirected to the Google Form for details and instructions on ordering/purchasing a T-shirt. T-shirts are $15.00 and sales will benefit the 2019-2020 Anderson Five United Way Campaign. Orders will run until October 18, 2019. Cash or checks made out to Nevitt Forest Elementary School accepted. Please contact Maghan Churchill at with any questions regarding T-shirt orders.

For any school district or community to thrive, it needs a strong backbone made up of dedicated volunteers and civic-oriented leaders. That is exactly what this organization provides for Anderson County. Change begins in our own back yards – our own schools, our own classrooms, our own communities. When we Live Here, Work Here, and Give Here – our personal gifts to the United Way are gifts to the students we serve on a daily basis here in Anderson School District Five. Thank you for being a part of the solution with us and choosing to #LIVEUNITED!



*General questions regarding the Anderson School District Five Annual United Way Campaign may be redirected to Anderson Five’s Lead UW Campaign Chair and District Communications Specialist, Brooke Cole at