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A5VA Chromebook, HotSpot Distribution

A5VA Chromebook, HotSpot Distribution

Beginning August 31, Anderson Five Information Technology Services (IT) will issue Chromebook devices to new and/or existing Anderson Five Virtual Academy (A5VA) students from the Chrome Depot, which is located at the Anderson Five District Office. Important notes about Chromebook Distribution:

  • If you already have your Chromebook from last year, it can be used for Virtual School with no need to visit the Chrome Depot.
  • If you turned in your Chromebook over the summer, it can be picked up at the Chrome Depot.
  • If your Chromebook was damaged, and you received a loaner device, your original Chromebook can be picked up at the Chrome Depot.


Additionally beginning August 31, families approved for the Free Internet Service (through December 31, 2020) may retrieve the HotSpot device from the Chrome Depot. Email notification of service eligibility will be sent to the email in which the Free Internet Service application was completed under. It is wise to present this email at the time of HotSpot retrieval. Students already in possession of a Chromebook device should bring the device at time of HotSpot retrieval to complete the device syncing process.  

 Additional notes:

  •  In-person instruction students will retrieve their Chromebook device from the SCHOOL at a later date. Chromebook device distribution details for in-person instruction students will be communicated from the school directly. 


  • Upon approval: any HotSpot device (whether for a A5VA student OR an In-person instruction student,) should be picked up from the Chrome Depot. Any students receiving the HotSpot device service should bring their Chromebook to the depot at the time of HotSpot device retrieval to verify connection of the devices. If an in-person instruction student does not yet have their Chromebook, but will be receiving the HotSpot device, please contact the Chrome Depot for next steps on this process. 


  • Email communication regarding the acceptance of the Free Internet Service is ongoing. If you have already submitted a Free Internet Service application, please do not submit duplicates.


  • Regarding A5VA: Mass communication from the Anderson Five Virtual Academy program is ongoing. If you have not already received communication from the program and/or your child's A5VA teacher, please know that A5VA teachers will be initiating communication (phone call, email) with parents the week of 8/31/2020. More detailed instruction on teacher assignment, scheduling, how-tos, etc. will be provided. If you have not yet receive the mass communication from A5VA, please be encouraged to reach out to Anderson Five Virtual Academy Director, Dr. Richard Rosenberger at:


  • During the school year, Chromebook and/or HotSpot device maintenance may be addressed at the Chrome Depot. An appointment is not needed, but a call ahead phone call is preferred in an effort to see if the issue can be resolved over the phone prior to a visit to the Chrome Depot. (864) 260-4911.





Note: The Information Technology Services Department will provide technical support to all staff, students, and parents, of Anderson School District Five’s virtual academy through the operation the Chrome Depot, our technology help center, which is located at the District Five District Office at 400 Pearman Dairy Road.  The Chrome Depot can be reached at 864-222-4911 for phone support during normal school hours.