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First-year Teacher named 2019 "Rookie" Teacher of the Year

rookie TOY 18-19


First-year teachers complete "New Teacher Academy,"one named 2018-2019 District "Rookie" Teacher of the Year  

Congratulations to first-year teacher, Shian Spaulding, on being named our 2018-2019 District Rookie Teacher of the Year! She is a first-year teacher at Robert Anderson Middle School.

Anderson Five is extremely proud of all of our first-year teachers, "Rookie" nominees, and all of our new educators who've succssfully completed their first year of teaching + our "New Teacher Academy." We're glad to have a program in place in which allows us to best support our educators during a challenging, yet rewarding season of their career. We're lucky to have each of them and honored that they've chosen to pursue their profession with us here in Anderson Five.


Thank you and congratulations to all! Here's to only being a "first-year-teacher" - only once!