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Culinary Services Operations

Culinary Services Operations

Anderson Five Culinary Services, in collaboration with Anderson Five Transportation Services, will continue to provide students with breakfast and lunch meals during school closures. Meals will be prepared in our school cafeterias by our certified Culinary staff, and will then be distributed to students 18 years of age or younger via delivery method (students retrieve meals at their normal bus stop) or pick-up method (students with their parent/guardian retrieve meals through one of the school carline locations.) Students should be present at the time of retrieval. This process will continue daily (Mondays through Fridays) through June 4, 2020.

Beginning the weekend of May 1, 2020 Culinary Services will also be providing meals to be consumed over the weekend (in place of United Way SnackPacks.) On Thursdays and Fridays, two breakfast meals and two lunch meals will be provided to cover the weekend. Additionally, please note that an extra meal will be provided Friday May 22, 2020 to be consumed on Monday May 25, 2020 (Memorial Day). There will be no eLearning on May 25, 2020 and district services will not operate. 


JUNE 4, 2020 IS THE FINAL DAY IN WHICH MEAL DELIVERY/PICK-UP SERVICES WILL OPERATE UNDER THIS SCHOOL CLOSURE STRUCTURE. Buses will not run for delivery and school car line pick-up locations will be closed beginning Friday, June 5. Please note that on Wednesday, June 3 and Thursday, June 4, students will have been provided additional meals to be consumed over the weekend of Friday, June 5 through Sunday, June 7Culinary Services will transition from its school closure meal services to its Summer Feeding Program on June 8, 2020. More details on the Summer Feeding Program are released in a separate announcement.




Simplified breakdown of the school closure meal services operation:


Transportation Services bus drivers will run their regular bus-route(s), making stops at their regular destinations delivering food to students 18 years of age or younger at their normal bus stop. Buses begin running routes at 11:00 AM. Because of the large area our school district encompasses, large number of students we serve, and multiple bus routes/stops we make, we are unable to indicate an exact time in which one can expect their school bus to arrive at his/her daily bus stop, specifically.The bus stops, waits, and honks - giving students plenty of time to come out and retrieve their meals. Students and families should be on the lookout for the bus. At this point in school closure operations, students and families should have a well established idea as to when they can expect the bus to come through each day. 


PICK UP                                                                                                                           

Students with their parent/guardian retrieve meals through one of the available school car line locations. The child does NOT have to attend the school(s) listed as pick-up meal site location(s) in order to receive their meals from that method/location. Meals can be picked up from the following schools between 11:00 AM and 12:30 PM:


• Homeland Park Primary

(864) 260-5125

• Calhoun Academy of the Arts

(864) 260-5090

• Whitehall Elementary

(864) 260-5255

• Glenview Middle

(864) 716-4060

• Robert Anderson Middle

(864) 716-3890




Important Culinary Services notes for May/June 2020:





Please return to the homepage and be redirected to the eLearning Schedule announcement for detailed information regarding Culinary Services Operations on the days in which eLearning is not scheduled to take place.