August 29 - September 2

Fourth grade is off to a terrific start! We have been so pleased with how well the students have done this week with responsibility and their work! We know that this is going to be a wonderful year! 

Please read the announcements below carefully for the week ahead!

  • Chorus tryouts are Monday afternoon. Students must have their form returned in order to stay after school with Mrs. Craft. This includes returning chorus members! Contact Mrs. Craft for questions!
  • Advanced Strings is on MONDAYS and WEDNESDAYS. If your child was in strings previously then they may go ahead and begin bringing their instruments on these days!
  • OPEN HOUSE is this TUESDAY, AUG. 30. Fourth Grade will meet as a grade level in Mrs. Craft's music room for two joint sessions (5:30 and 6:15). Please join us so we can discuss our fourth grade model. 
  • SAVE THE DATE: WEDNESDAY, Sept. 7 is our first "theme" day in fourth grade. On this day all students are asked to dress like a Native American (brown shirt, feathers, beads, etc...). We will end that day with a special feast (potlatch). Please see Mrs. Kimbrell's note home today about this special day.

Reading: This week we will begin our first novel, Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing by Judy Blume. We will meet Peter and Fudge and discuss literature themes and Point of View. We will have a quiz on chapters 1 and 2. READING LOGS OFFICIALLY BEGIN THIS WEEK. All students are asked to have 40 min. OR 40 pages read by Friday and initialed by parent. This earns your student a 100 daily grade in reading for the week. Students have independent reading time each day and should be able to complete this during a school day (they just need your initial). Library times also begin this week!



Word List:

  1. between
  2. effect
  3. kept
  4. please
  5. reason
  6. fresh
  7. cheap
  8. shelf
  9. eager
  10. least


Next week we will be looking at words with long e and short e sounds.  We will practice cursive, and learn all about personal narratives.  Students will gather ideas for writing and choose a personal story to write about.


Math: Mrs. Evatt's mathematicians are off to a great start! Students will be quizzed on Tuesday, August 30th! The first quiz will cover: identifying math periods and place value, representing numbers in a variety of ways (expanded form, word form, standard form), and rounding whole numbers to any given place. Please continue to practice multiplication facts with your child! Please let me know if you are in need of a set of flashcards.


Social Studies: This week will continue learning about Native Americans, as we travel back in time to learn about the environment, culture, shelters, and food resources of the Eastern Woodlands, Great Basin, Southwest, Pacific Northwest, and Plain Native Americans. Students need to study their notes on these Native American groups, as well as the land bridge, to prepare for a quiz on Thursday. Look for highlighted material in your child’s notebook to guide their studying. Also, Native American is coming up on September 7th! If you are willing to help in any way, please send back the bottom portion of the Native American Day letter, sent home with your child today (Friday, August 26th). More details about Native American to come! 


Science: We will begin our Unit of Weather. Students will learn about Earth's Atmosphere and how weather takes place there. Then we will learn the process of the water cycle.


Thank you again for all of your support! We look forward to seeing you on Tuesday night!

Fourth Grade Teachers

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