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2021-2022 Title I Initiatives

Centerville Elementary School


Title I is a federal program which provides resources to identified schools.  The identification process includes an analysis of the poverty level within each school.  Centerville Elementary School has been identified as one of seven schools in Anderson District 5 which will receive Title I resources.  On an annual basis, the school and district staff analyze data to determine areas of need. The school and district seek input from parents and the community to determine the most effective manner in which to utilize Title I funds.  For the 2021-2022 school year, the following initiatives have been identified:


  • Three Part-time Intervention teachers 25 hours/week for 34 weeks to provide Reading/Math intervention through Do the Math or LLI Instruction with select students in grades 1-5 who are identified through the I-Team process, MTSS Meetings, SC Ready, MAP, and DRA data. 
  • Employ 1 Certified Academic Interventionist teacher to provide MTSS instruction in ELA and/or Math instruction based on the greatest need. This teacher will use best practices in math and Fountas and Pinnell Leveled Literacy Intervention (LLI) strategies for students identified for extra assistance. The interventionist is ELPD trained and will provide extra instruction based on individual needs. Students are identified through the I-Team process, MTSS Meetings, SC Ready, MAP, and DRA data. 
  • Six teacher(s) will provide a before school (extended day) program, 3 days/wk, 30 weeks for 1 hour in core subject areas for students in grades K-5.
  • Provide stipends for teachers to lead an After-School Program. Stipends for 10-17 teachers for time leading club meetings for approximately,10 weeks in the fall and 10 weeks in the spring. Club timing and offerings will be discussed on an individual club basis to ensure the needs of students are being met, time for club meetings is sufficient, and students are grouped in sessions to ensure students in K-5 have opportunities to attend clubs.
  • Substitutes will be provided for teachers attending Title I funded math professional development led by Dr. Mary Ruzga, for teachers attending on-site quarterly planning sessions to dig into standards and plan researched based/best practice lessons, and for teachers attending conferences such as SC Reading and Math Conferences.
  • Instructional materials will be purchased to enhance and build the ELA, Math, Science, and Social Studies curriculum for grades K-5 to support the Balanced Literacy program and SC Standards-based instruction in grades K-5, purchase Fountas and Pinnell book clubs and independent reading libraries for grades 4 and 5 which include high-quality classroom-based literacy instruction, replenish missing or damaged LLI student books to ensure kits are stocked in original condition, DRA Kit for adding an additional upper-grade classroom, DRA leveled books to replenish kits as needed across all grade levels to ensure kits are kept in original condition, subject-specific interactive read-aloud/mentor texts, and materials for STEM lessons (as we are integrating reading and writing in all content areas), consumable supplies such as chart paper, markers, sentence strips, writing journals, writing folders, workbooks, and math manipulatives. Funds will include paper for the poster machine and lamination rolls for the purpose of classroom instruction, anchor charts, graphs, posters, and durability of these items. Paper and materials will also be purchased for use with the Variquest machine purchased during the 2021-2022 school year. Teachers will use the machine to prepare classroom manipulatives and items for students. 
  • Purchase Instructional supplies for the after-school program.  A variety of afterschool programs will be offered to students including, but not limited to Running Club, Chorus, Gardening Club, Sunshine Club, Kindness Club, Volleyball Club, Art Club, Reading Club, Distinguished Gentlemen, Engage, Centerville News, and STEM & Starbooks Club. Clubs will offer after school opportunities for at-risk students to grow socially, emotionally, and academically in a secure safe environment with trained/certified professionals who may not have the opportunity to engage in such activities outside of a school setting. Clubs will teach students necessary social skills needed to be productive citizens, support students' emotional needs, foster relationships among teachers and peers, provide necessary opportunities to exercise, learn to compete with others in a positive supervised environment, and offer opportunities to tie in academic standards. Necessary materials for clubs will be purchased to ensure students reap the fullest extent of learning. Materials may include, but are not limited to, manipulatives/items for STEM activities such as paper, pipe cleaners, glue, tape, construction paper, string, popsicle sticks, etc.; books on a variety of topics, artists, gardening, positive character traits, sports; paint, brushes, modeling clay, crayons, markers, colored pencils, erasers; soil, seeds, pots, hand-sized shovels, spades; volleyballs; and similar supplies to facilitate club projects and activities.
  • Purchase student incentives which may include academic medals and lanyards, certificates, books, and academic-based incentives for academic performance and PBIS goal achievement (Centerville Houses - PRIDE system: perseverance, respect, integrity, dependability, excellence).
  • Secure professional development supplies to support in-house professional development, coaching sessions, and school-wide book studies with teachers on Guided Math, Reading/writing strategies, and Understanding Poverty. Expenditures will also include consumable supplies such as Post-It Chart Paper, markers, and resource books to use during book study. Teachers will meet with the instructional coaches and administration bi-weekly to discuss strategies and topics. As part of Understanding Poverty PD, expenditures may also include bus transportation to tour the neighborhoods/housing in the Centerville school zone for faculty/staff to get a first-hand look at where our children live.
  • Instructional supplies and materials will be provided to support parent education sessions/night activities with content related themes to involve/inform parents of on grade-level standards and engaged learner strategies. Home communication folders will be purchased. Expenditures may include consumable materials used during make-and-take math or reading activities (ex. paper, markers, paint, small candies/beans/beads for math activities,) refreshments for parent nights to encourage parent participation, and other supplies to carry out parent night themes such as read-aloud books and math manipulatives. Approximately five events will be held throughout the year. Three of these events include "The Power of Positive Parenting" which will be presented by our two trained guidance counselors with each session being offered in the morning and afternoon in order to reach more parents. The other two sessions will involve parents coming to the school for open house and training events on how to understand the standards and provide the opportunity for parents to participate in hands-on activities with students as facilitated by the teacher. Specific dates will be determined, but tentatively fall, winter, spring. Student agendas will also be purchased for grades 2-5 for students to record important information from class to share daily with parents about school assignments and events, as well as to promote organization strategies for students.
  • Meet about planning, updating, and implementation of the Title I program in an effort to increase academic performance for all students in grades K-5 as well as increase parental/community involvement and awareness. There will be a beginning of school and end of year Title I meeting. These meetings will involve parents, school community members, school's SIC and school leadership team. The approximate number of individuals is unknown at this time. Costs are to provide light refreshments, as these meetings typically fall around a meal time.
  • Employ an Instructional Coach to conduct professional development for teachers including follow-up, teach model lessons, observe lessons, provide feedback to teachers, and ensure curriculum alignment and integration with South Carolina College and Career Ready Standards in grades K-5. Salary includes 10 additional contract days at daily rate for extended planning and training.
  • Provide professional development during summer for teachers. Funds will be used to pay stipends to all participants for non-contract hours. Professional development will be provided based on needs assessment in Strategic Plan and school assessment data. Training may include social-emotional curriculum, MAP data analysis, instructional design/long range planning, content standards, etc. Stipends will be paid to the leadership team members for 5 days of off contract work which focuses on initiatives identified through the strategic planning process, instructional design, planning for curriculum implementation, and development and implementation of the school's professional development plan. Provide a one day professional development led by school staff for new teachers and mentors prior to the start of the school year. Stipends will be paid to leaders and participants on off contract days.

For more information about Title I, you may contact the Director of Title I or the Principal of Centerville Elementary School.


Kim Morgan

Director of Federal/State Programs

Anderson School District Five

864-260-5000 ext 10161


Jenifer Seymour


Centerville Elementary School

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