Q & A




1.  What are the expectations for completing work and how does the work completion determine my students attendance? Students are expected to complete all assignments for each subject on that day. Virtual schools are required to count students absent for both not logging on to their device daily and also for not turning in assignments. Completion of the assignment is partially a judgment call of the individual teacher but students are expected to turn in a minimum of 50% of the work required to receive attendance credit.


2.  What type of student is the Virtual Academy best suited for?  The Virtual Academy welcomes all students. However, having a good knowledge of navigating with technology helps along with being an independent worker. In addition, it is necessary to have a parent or guardian at home with the student during the school hours. Students will be required to remain engaged with their school work from 8:00 to 3:00. 


3.  How often should students expect to interact with their teacher(s)?  At the elementary level, two live sessions will be taught in the morning and usually, one or two more in the afternoon. Secondary students should expect to have GoogleMeets sessions at least once every other day for each of their subjects. For a student to be successful in the Virtual Academy, he/she should attend all sessions with their teachers.


4.  Is it true that Virtual Academy students do not get report cards until the end of the school year? That is correct. The Edmentum and Calvert platforms are designed to determine the grade for the school year at the end of the year. However, every day, students and parents both can log-in and print out a daily current grade.


5.  What is the best way for a student to get answers to their questions in the Virtual Academy? While sitting in a regular classroom, students are encouraged to raise their hands if they have a question. In the virtual environment, sending an email to their teachers most often gets the same results. Teachers are continuously monitoring their email and are able to provide immediate feedback.

  • If there is a problem with my Chromebook, what number do I call?

Anderson School District Five “TECH support” is live in the back of the building at 400 Pearman Dairy Road, the District Office building. You may reach them by phone at 864-222-4911

  • What if I don’t have Internet access at my residence?  “Hotspots” are available through “TECH support” for eligible families. You may reach them by phone at 864-222-4911.


6.  Do I need to log off my Chromebooks daily? Yes, updates are often provided automatically but need the Chromebooks completely shut down to do so.


7.  What do I do If I’m not able to join GoogleMeets or log on to Class-Links? Immediately email your teacher.


8.  How often can I retake the Mastery tests for each unit? Only when the teacher allows


9.  How can I receive information about the Anderson Five Virtual Academy? This website will be updated regularly to provide information about virtual school. In addition, classroom teachers will periodically send out flyers of upcoming events or points of interest for our parents.


 Finally, our social media account can be found through @A5Virtual. We can be followed by Twitter, Facebook and Instagram 

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