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    September 24-28 Newsletter



    Thank you to all those that came to audition.  Your courage and tenacity was inspiring.  Please know that if you were not cast it does not mean you did not do well but only you may not have been right for this particular show.  We encourage you to keep auditioning for future productions.  Congratulations to those below.  Our first rehearsal will be Tuesday, September 11, 2018 in the chorus room (Mr. Kennedy’s room) from 6:30-8:30.  If you accept your role, please email Mr. Kennedy at by 3:00 Friday afternoon, September 6th.  Looking forward to a great show!!!!



    Willy Wonka

    Alex Irby


    Charlie Buckett

    Grant Strickland


    Mrs. Buckett

    Kennah Donnelley


    Mr. Buckett

    Hobbs Chambers


    Mrs. Gloop

    Madi Brandt


    Augustus Gloop

    Isreal Johnson


    Veruca Salt

    Caroline Cox


    Mr. Salt

    Harrison Boltin


    Violet Beauregarde

    Mary-Catherine Brunson


    Mrs. Beauregarde

    Isabelle Duncan


    Mike Teavee

    Braylen Lee


    Mrs. Teavee

    Faith Gambrell


    Candy Man

    Faith Bonner


    Phineous Trout

    Samantha Irby



    Parker Richardson



    Melia Moody

    Sara Rodrigquez

    Visa Burnhart

    Grace Clark

    Savannah Trautman

    Brendan Luper

    Addison Black

    Sarah Maenhoudt

    Tyler Hunter

    Mya Marengo



    Zakiyah Donaldson

    Isaac Pruitt

    Safiyah Donaldson

    Aubrey Black

    Janiya Oliver

    Briasia Lee

    Anna Grace Watson

    Katie Sullivan

    Nolan Lindsey

    Sydnee Hart

    Kiera Simmons