2023 SC State Report Card

South Carolina District Report Card Data Released 
The South Carolina Department of Education (SCDE) and the South Carolina Education Oversight Committee (EOC) released the 2023 SC School Report Cards on October 10, 2023. The Report Cards, available at www.screportcards.com highlight student performance information and other elements of school quality and effectiveness for the 2022-2023 school year.
The Report Cards and ratings are designed to increase accessibility and accountability in South
Carolina’s public schools provide easy-to-understand and use information for families and
the public.
The School Report Cards, based on South Carolina’s education accountability system, are
required for all elementary, middle, and high schools which receive overall ratings based on a
100-point scale. The ratings follow terms outlined in state law: Excellent, Good, Average, Below
Average, and Unsatisfactory. Schools also receive ratings on various indicators such as academic achievement, college and career-readiness, and graduation rate.


An Excellent rating is defined as school performance that substantially exceeds the criteria to ensure all students meet the Profile of a South Carolina Graduate. A Good rating is defined as school performance that exceeds the criteria to ensure all students meet the Profile of the South Carolina Graduate. 





Of the 17 schools in Anderson Five that were measured, district totals for each category are as follows.


GOOD Ratings 3
AVERAGE Ratings 4

"The SC School Report Card data is a valuable tool that allows us to gain critical insights into the performance of our schools," said Mrs. Brenda Kelley, Anderson Five Superintendent, "This data helps us to identify strengths as well as areas for improvement; enabling us to to make informed decisions and allocate resources effectively." Mrs. Kelley continued, "We are committed to ensuring the best possible educational outcomes for all of our students, and we will continue to cultivate a learning environment that propels each child towards his or her full potential." 

A school-by-school listing of overall report card scores is below.  (Please note that West Market School of Early Education and Homeland Park Primary School are not rated on the State scale). 
Please visit screportcards.com to view each school's data and rankings in complete detail. 

Please be sure to view our district and school data highlights at the following presentation: