Assigned Electronic Computing Communications Device Responsibility




Code  GBEE  Issued  08/13



Subject to budgetary constraints, Anderson School District Five provides certain employees with electronic devices as tools to enhance the performance of their work.  These electronic devices are valuable district assets and must be appropriately used and safeguarded with this in mind.  The provision of the electronic devices is an employee privilege and, as such, the following requirements must be adhered to:


  • The electronic device must be secured at all times.  If left at a school or other district facility, the electronic device must be in a secure location.  The electronic device must never be left in a vehicle or exposed to excessive heat.
  • The electronic device should be transported as suggested by the manufacturer.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s suggested practices regarding the connection of other peripherals to the device.
  • The electronic device must not be exposed to any magnetic fields that could damage the contents of the storage device.
  • To ensure privacy, remove all stored files and information from the device before returning it.  The district or school staff members are not responsible for any information remaining on the device once it is returned after use for reassignment or other disposition.
  • Use the installed virus-checking software to check your external storage media to keep viruses from spreading to other users and to your files.
  • No software may be installed on the electronic device without prior coordination and approval from the Technology Department in consultation with the Instructional Division.
  • When traveling by plane, train, or bus, do not check the device as luggage or place it in a suitcase for check-through in compliance with applicable federal laws and regulations.
  • The District reserves the right to activate GPS tracking or locator capabilities on District-issued mobile devices, including but not limited to cell phones, I-pads and laptops, for purposes of fleet management, productivity and safety.  Such tracking features may be used only during the hours an employee is scheduled to perform work responsibilities for the District.
  • The employee to whom the electronic device is assigned may be held financially responsible for any damages to the electronic device should it be determined that the damage was caused by an act of negligence on the part of the employee.  Likewise, the employee may be held financially responsible if the electronic device is stolen or lost off school district property while assigned to the employee.  The District retains the final authority in determining financial responsibility.  It is the responsibility of the employee to immediately report the damage, loss, or theft of the electronic device assigned to him/her to the school principal and record or get copies of any documents used to report the incident.


Adopted 12/16/03; Revised 7/17/12, 8/20/13