Class Placement & Services

In order to assist in student placement and educational planning, the MLP teacher collects and reviews information regarding the student’s past educational background.

Students with little or no knowledge of English should be placed immediately in an English language educational program and/or provided appropriate accommodations and assistance in their mainstream classroom. The goal is to integrate the student into regular programs while providing an intense language acquisition program. All entering ML students must be placed in age appropriate grade levels.

The South Carolina Department of Education does not, from a statewide perspective, prescribe specific guidelines for determining the nature of programs designed for English learners. The number of students may vary widely from one area to another. For this reason, decisions concerning the instructional program model must be made by Anderson School District Five.

Curricula and instructional materials used in Anderson School District Five’s MLP program will be aligned with the South Carolina Academic Standards and will be based on scientifically based research demonstrating the effectiveness of the programs in increasing English proficiency and student academic achievement in the core academic content. Teachers in the ML program will facilitate the development of English-language skills by using a variety of approaches in organizing the classroom, designing a curriculum, and presenting engaging lessons. The instruction provided will include basic elements driving all good language instruction:
  • versatility and flexibility
  • interactive lessons with hands-on activities and cooperative learning
  • encouragement and support of the mainstream or regular curriculum
  • opportunities for all students to feel successful by providing appropriate modifications and accommodations for the needs of student’s different levels of ability
  • integration of language skills, thinking skills, and content knowledge